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MACC, Modular Aircraft Conversion Concepts, is a growing diversified aerospace engineering company that provides complete structural engineering and avionics integration for the fixed and rotary wing aircraft industry.

A team with over 40 years of combined experience, we have the know-how and expertise to complete your project efficiently and effectively. The MACC team is committed to provide worldclass engineering and integration services to every project.

MACC B.V maintains her offices at Maastricht Airport, the Netherlands and Independence, Missouri, USA.

Over the last two years, MACC has conducted extensive program development research on the conversion of the Embraer ERJ 145 and Airbus A320 passenger to freighter.

EMBRAER ERJ 145 Conversion Programme.

MACC has identified several new markets for the midrange cargo pay-load category to service underutilized routes. MACC has selected the Embraer ERJ 145 series (Long Range 1750 Nm and extra Long Range 2000 Nm) as the most efficient pay-load/range aircraft in its category.

At present three freighter versions are in development and near completion for early manufacturing.

Pre-assembled conversion kit installations, for the Combi Door and surrounding structures (LCD) and E-class or C-class configuration, will provide flexibility to convert the ERJ 145 to freighter at customer’s location.

The three freighter versions of the ERJ 145 Regional jet are:

  • Bulk Cargo

    Full freighter to accommodate bulk Cargo, Range 2000 Nm lifting a payload of 14.131 lbs

  • Combination passenger & freight

    Combination of part passenger (33 Passenger) and main deck cargo hold (384 Cubic Feet) with a additional Cargo capacity of 3.681 lbs





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