High Accuracy Reverse Engineering
By applying algorithm based software for correction of the 3D scanned data, MACC reverse engineering software produces a tolerance and accuracies well within the aeronautical standards and specifications.

This measurement procedure, including tessellation and segmentation of the scanned structures, reducing the measurement process from months to days.
Operation Process and Supply Chain Analysis

Tracks flow of units and costs through fabrication or business process with several stages. The processes have distinct stages, transition rates between stages, including time-dependent requirements.
Cloud-based Aircraft Maintenance Management System (CAMM)

Enterprise wide Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul  and Supply Chain Management System is in-house developed by MACC. This integrated system reaches all disciplines, from work order to maintenance directives, to parts in stock / on-order as well as Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives on the fly. Drastically reducing costs and time constraints with efficiency gains up to 70% of the current work method. Giving the MRO organization transparent control of maintenance, repair and overhaul processes and workflows
Bundling technical strength and project management expertise, the interdisciplinary team with both engineering skills, background in aeronautical engineering, developing in-flight solutions in security, safety and passenger comfort, providing a firm base for meeting future demands