Founded in 2010 as MACC initiative to provide in-flight communication integration and structural modification engineering services, MACC management is committed to introducing new product and process innovations to the aerospace and aviation industry.

Roy E. Smith, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder

Professional Backgrounds

Roy E. Smith is President and co-founder of MACC. His professional experience includes strategic planning, program execution and financial engineering during the formative- as well as structuring stage in the satellite communication an aviation industry.

Jan Willem Diehl, Senior Vice President Engineering and Technology

Professional Backgrounds

J.W. Diehl is senior principal and co-founder of MACC. J.W. Diehl is a certified aeronautical engineer. His professional background and experience includes directing technical departments for various commercial airlines and as an advisor in implementing technical departments for commercial airlines in developing countries in the area of flight safety and technical reliability.